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Discover the Best Way to Install Loft Flooring Legs

Loft flooring legs are used to raise your loft boards by about 175mm so that you can avoid compression of your insulation in order to save on money and energy construction.

For you to perfectly install your loft flooring leg you need to understand some basic principles and the necessary tips you can follow to do a perfect job.

So that you avoid compression of the insulation government regulations stipulate that you have your loft boards about 270 mm from the floor avoiding compression of the quilt insulation that means you have the best height of loft flooring leads to be 175mm which one you add to the hundred mmm height of the joist and to which the loft flooring lifespan installed you have an average of 275 mm height and this is sufficient enough for best performance of your quilt insulation.

Considering the fact that you need a firm grip of the loft flooring legs and to the joist, it is recommended that you use the Ultra Gold Screws for a 30 ml which have a product code 51 1087 N2 station symbol thread countersunk Pozi screw 4 by 30 mm which also has a product called 34970.

Considering the fact that the loft flooring legs are manufactured in Houston recycled material it is evident that you can easily screw the chipboard directly onto the top side of the lower leg without any challenge what difficulty.

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What’s the best type of flooring insulation to use it is important that you consider using a glass of rock fiber mineral wool insulation or matching type insulation that is manufactured from natural materials of which sheep’s wool or recycled Insulations and serve perfectly well in addition to hemp, fiber, cellulose, and plastic bottles.

These steps have been given to help you no the right process and procedure of installation of your loft flooring in the best way possible.

No problem considering the fact that left leg scar redesigned with screw holes so that you no longer need to drill the holes yourself you won’t need to really mess I did really all struggle you simply need to go ahead and use Cruise too fast and the loft flooring leads and to the joists.

Doing The Right Way

Doing The Right Way

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